Who is She?

Singer-songwriter lyricism, hypnotic soundscapes, and a loud heart are what ring through Shi la Rosa's music. She experiments with both upbeat grooves to dance to and dreamy croons, beckoning you to look inward. 

Originally hailing from Cleveland, the 'Space Queen' singer found her artistic footing in Chicago. Within one year of releasing her debut EP, Sometimes I Think of You, she found herself playing at iconic Chicago venues, such as the Green Mill, Schuba’s Tavern, Subterranean, and Space in Evanston.

La Rosa’s vocal tone has subtle nods to legends such as Lana Del Rey and Banks, but with an umph more comparable to Etta James. Each song taps into a different flavor of emotional saturation that only surfaces from prolonged introspection. Best defined as indie pop, the artist's soaring vocals will cut you and kiss you in one foul sweep.