Shi la Rosa

Introducing: Shi la Rosa – Til The Morning


The talented singer Shi la Rosa is back with her new single Til The Morning and it sounds fantastic. I am loving the quirky melodies which create a beautiful soundscape. Beside, the vocal peformance is outstanding and the stellar atmospheres know to impress!


The Sesh | S03E03 - Shi La Rosa


The Sesh Folks were out one evening enjoying some incredible live music and almost immediately completely captivated by the night’s opening act….and just like that, lucky us. Shi la Rosa was booked into The Sesh. We heard some great music and had a great conversation from everything about her music – creating it, the influences that went into it, her love of strawberries, and even Shi la Rosa, the marathoner.


VoyageChicago | Meet Shi la Rosa


So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Ever since I was little, I was telling people I wanted to be a singer. Most kids grow out of that phase, and I just didn’t.


The Deli | Single Premiere: Shi la Rosa
“Space Queen”

Exclusive release write-up

“Space Queen” blend elements of disco, jazz, and radio-ready pop to create a track that is both sultry and danceable. This is a perfect end of summer backyard banger.


Untitled | “Music is a Lifeline”


She recalls listening to artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Whitney Houston, and Carrie Underwood, some as early as the age of 3. Her music is inspired by past events in her life and the way they made her feel.


Music Garage Features | Shi la Rosa


Shi la Rosa, an indie pop artist making waves in Chicago. She channels elements from her inspirations such as Lana Del Ray, Banks, and Alina Baraz to make music about how she feels.


Neon Pajamas | Sometimes I Think Of You, EP

Write Up

It's a disco ball

in an aquarium,

it's new lipstick

in an old taxi.


Hoist | Shi La Rosa releases debut EP, “Sometimes I Think of You”

Interview / Write Up


S'Moore Music | S'Moore Sitdown


"Dive into my world of sound waves, these words are meant for you."


Neon Pajamas | Single Slideshow 005 // A Ten Song Rundown

Listen List

I covered this on my recent episode of Neon Broadcast, but it's worth mentioning again. The track came out at the end of last year with singer Shi La Rosa singing smoothly over Sink Slow production. Both represent Chicago properly. This one is perfect for rainfall.


Neon Pajams | Broadcast 006 // Sundial Rust

Playlist Feature


Indie Hometown | Best New Indie Songs

Playlist Feature

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