"Uncommon Sessions: “Higher” by Shi la Rosa

Filmed by Ross Feighery

Shi la Rosa has breathed new life into her song Higher, off of her debut ep, Sometimes I Think of You. This revamped, slowed down, and saucier version gives la Rosa the space to explore her range and lean into the emotion behind the lyricism. It pushes much harder than the recorded version, as the power behind her voice is complimented by Eric Novak on sax, Garret Williams on upright bass, and Sink Slow on guitar. Location: Uncommon Ground (Chicago).

“Music is a Lifeline” | Interview on Untitled.


Learn more about Chicago artist, Shi La Rosa. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she moved to the Chicago area to attend Loyola University. She recalls listening to artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Whitney Houston, and Carrie Underwood, some as early as the age of 3. Her music is inspired by past events in her life and the way they made her feel. Currently working as a designer, she hopes to turn music into her full job.

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“Higher” Unofficial Visual | Untitled.

An Untitled. Video Feature

Chicago pop singer, Shi La Rosa, performs her song "Higher" on UNTITLED. Shi embodies countless emotions with this all out performance. She is one to watch out for.

“Gucci Gang” Cover Visual

Animation by Shi la Rosa

An ode to an infectious rap phenomenon turned grunge pop. Lil Pump’s Soundcloud rap track has taken a trip to a drone dream universe. La Rosa’s otherwise clean persona creates a strange dynamic between the universally sung vulgar lyrics and the hypnotic beauty the cover has. Conscious listeners beg the question, “are these really the messages that go viral in pop culture?” Nonetheless, Lil Pump's crazy catchy track will remained cherished in the hearts of viral culture, and rightly so.

Music Garage Features: Shi la Rosa


Shi la Rosa, an indie pop artist making waves in Chicago. She channels elements from her inspirations such as Lana Del Ray, Banks, and Alina Baraz to make music about how she feels.

“Sometimes I Space” Visual

Filmed by Jess Minnis, edited by Shi la Rosa