Think Gum

Mistakes happen – we’re all human. However, Think Gum will help
get the gears turning as to avoid the errors that are flat out dumb.

Tripe Tweets

“Dumb” typos made by twitter users will be illustrated and reposed. Be careful, you might be next. 

Think gum - twitter dairy air.png

Tricky stickies

Stickers will be placed on real life “dumb” mistakes such as the catastrophes pictured above. The stickers will also be distributed for you to slap on at your leisure. Images of the stickers in use will be posted/reposted across all social media accounts. We know you can think of something (or someone) that needs one of these, because they sure got the "dumb" part down. Here's your chance to let them know! 


CAmpaign Credits: Rachel Colonna & Marlen Aguirre